March 25, 2013

Breaking The Rules

For an industry that prides itself on individuality and creativity, fashion sure has a lot of rules, huh? Blue and green should never be seen (the same with black and brown), always match your bag to your shoes and belt, never mix prints etc. While these golden rules may have been valid fifty years ago, I can't help but think they're completely irrelevant today. In fact Alexander McQueen was spot on when he said "it’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style". Rules are meant to be broken, right? So if you're comfortable wearing clashing prints or sporting black shoes with a white clutch then that's all that really matters isn't it? Find what works for you and wear it with confidence. Because in the end, confidence is the greatest accessory in any outfit and that's one style rule that should never be broken (well that and tights are not pants). Above are a few looks that break the rules and look amazing at the same time.

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